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Cliff Crosland


Cliff Crosland doesn't have any investments in this portfolio yet.

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Hey Cliff, How about an interest in Zeno Motors Electric High Performance motors and Cars?
about 4 years ago | Like Liked |
Hello Cliff, would like to present my startup. A Bit Store is the first store of interactive products in the world. The prints of our shirts "come to life" through our mobile app. We can talk about?
about 5 years ago | Like Liked |
Welcome home Chris
about 6 years ago | Like Liked |
It's going to be tough to outgun Cliff as most liked investor.
about 6 years ago | Like Liked |
Cliff, I love the site. Congratulations.
about 7 years ago | Like Liked |
Re-booting my computer fixed everything.
about 7 years ago | Like Liked |
site is looking great Cliff
about 7 years ago | Like Liked |
The Site is very speedy now. Great job.
about 7 years ago | Like Liked |

Cliff Crosland

Co-Founder & CTO Seed Equity


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  • Location: United States United States, San Francisco
  • Sectors: Technology, Consumer Goods, Healthcare
  • Stages interested in: Startup
  • Mentor: No
  • Registered Investor: Yes
  • Issuer Entrepreneur: No