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How Startup Investments Works For Entrepreneurs

How to get funding

Sign up

Easily sign up and complete your profile by doing the following:

Register here to become a user on the site.
Sign up via your social network
Or, sign up with an email and password.
Complete your profile and determine your profile settings.
Pen lying on application for investments in startups

Apply for Funding

Tell us about your company and your goals:

Straightforward, step-by-step process.
Upload required information about your company.
Accurate and detailed info is critical.

Investment Criteria

Criteria for company submissions:

We accept submissions for technology and consumer facing businesses that are technology oriented.
We look for solid founders with a proven track record of building, scaling, and eventually selling the company or taking it through an IPO.
We look for investments that have several potential exits, specifically between two and five years after the initial investment. Potential exits include:
  • A sale
  • Merger
  • Spin-Off
  • IPO
Companies must have traction and growth in either the number of users, revenue, or both. Significant month over month growth is a key indicator.
Companies must demonstrate that their business model is well thought-out, with at least minimal validation, is scalable, and sustainable in various market conditions.
We look for companies that are competing in markets of at least $1B, particularly looking to disrupt a large market that has not seen much innovation.

Investment Focus

We look for companies with the potential to disrupt the following industries:

Preliminary Approval

A Dedicated Account Manager is assigned to your company:

If your application is approved, you will be assigned an Account Manager to assist you.
Upload required information about your company.
Our Account Manager will be available to assist you throughout the entire process.

Due Diligence

Due diligence and disclosure services for preparing your offering:

Prepare Private Placement Memorandum.
Prepare Disclosure Document.
Open escrow account.
Finalize details of the offering.
File required documents with the SEC.


Process for completing all required documentation:

Complete due diligence questionnaire.
Provide required documents.
Provide historical financial statements.
Provide 5 year proforma financial statements.

Launch Offering

Offering is launched on the CoinZoom Securities Platform:

Promote your offering via social media and other marketing.
Update the community frequently on your progress and milestones.
Respond quickly to investor inquiries.


Investment transaction is streamlined and transparent:

Standardized documents make the transaction clear and easy to understand.
Direct online investing and online signatures.

Post-Funding Communications

Keep investors up to date on the progress of their investments:

Real-time updates.
Hosting periodic webinars for Q&A.
Leveraging the resources and networks of your investors.
How you treat your investors will impact your future funding opportunities.

Why CoinZoom Securities?

CoinZoom Securities is more than a crowdfunding platform, we're a registered broker dealer built for startups and growth companies.

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