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How To Become an Investor

Gain Access To Quality Startups


Easily register and complete your profile by doing the following:

Register here to become a user on the site.
Sign up via your social network, or sign up with your email address:
Complete your Profile and determine your Profile Settings.

Become A Registered Investor

Tell us about your investor status:

Select the type of investor you are.
Complete general information.
Select Accreditation status.
Review all terms and conditions then submit for review.

Join The Community

Through CoinZoom Securities' Social Investing Platform, you'll be able to:

Like, Follow and Connect with other global entrepreneurs and investors.
Become a mentor and thought leader to entrepreneurs for a specific industry.
Track and grow the number of likes and followers within the community.

Investor Verification

To being making real investments:

Complete Accreditation verfication, if necessary.
Complete identity verification process (KYC and OFAC checks).
Complete suitability questionnaire.
Joe, one of our investors in startups

Start Investing

Start building your portfolio:

Ask founders questions and receive updates from companies you're interested in.
Search companies by industry and country.
When you're ready to invest, click "Invest Now" and start building your portfolio.

Post-Funding Communications

Stay connected with your investments:

Receive periodic updates from the company through your Dashboard.
Become engaged in the company's community and their support efforts.
Share the news of your investment with your social media network.

Why CoinZoom Securities?

CoinZoom Securities is more than a crowdfunding platform, we're a registered broker dealer built for startups and growth companies.
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