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The Seed Equity Venture Fund

About Our Venture Fund

Seed Equity Venture Fund I is affiliated with Seed Equity Ventures, a registered broker dealer with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and a member of both FINRA and SIPC, providing investment banking services to startups. The mission of Seed Equity Ventures is to find the best and brightest entrepreneurs and connect them with global investors. Seed Equity Ventures’ members include investors and entrepreneurs in 140 countries.

Seed Equity Venture Fund I benefits from the global network of entrepreneurs on the Seed Equity Ventures investment portal.

Seed Equity Venture Fund I also benefits from the vetting and due diligence process that is performed by the Seed Equity Ventures investment team. As a result of Seed Equity Ventures' global depth and breadth of entrepreneurs and investors, Seed Equity Venture Fund I has access to a geographically diverse group of entrepreneurs. Our affiliation with Seed Equity Ventures has already yielded two international investment opportunities: our investment in Spatch, Inc. (now Mainframe), which came out of Techstars London and our investment in MicroBenefits which is based in Hong Kong.


Investment Strategy

We provide funding to exceptional and experienced entrepreneurs. Seed Equity Venture Fund I fills the funding gap that many entrepreneurs face when trying to raise capital in the startup and early growth phases. We focus on technology companies with experienced management teams who are looking to disrupt a given sector in the technology field. Our initial investment size ranges from $250K to $1M.

We look not only to provide investment to entrepreneurs but to help their management teams reach strategic objectives and to provide mentorship in all areas of their business.

We have significant experience in financial technology and are eager to share a myriad of perspectives on software development, marketing, customer acquisition, and finance.

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