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Studio Design

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Offering completed on January 12, 2015.

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* This private placement investment is only suitable for potential investors who are familiar with and willing to accept the high risk and illiquidity associated with private placement investments. Please review Terms of Use for full disclosures. Also, please review Studio Design offering documents for full detailed disclosures/risks before you make any investments.

High Concept Pitch

Studio is a mobile-first, consumer-first design tool that helps anyone design meaningful visuals that are highly shareable and social. 

Executive Summary

Studio Design is a socially connected design platform. Photoshop for simple, mobile and highly shareable designs. Through social connections anyone can collaborate and design above their abilities.

As a creative platorm, layer based designs can be accessed by anyone in the community and reused for their own purposes.  This elevates each individual to create high quality content above their abilities.  This is the REMIX button.  This is the way millenials will design- remixing others creations.  Each creation is easily shared to all social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, Tumblr). 

Create something amazing with Studio Design.

Current Investors and Supporters

Investors: SV Angel, Crunchfund, A Grade Investments, Mike Levinthal, Kickstart Seed Fund, Peak Capital

Advisors: John Maeda, Mike Levinthal

Market Validation

From TechCrunch: "Studio is a powerful form of user-generated content marrying advertising." 


Mashable Aug 2013          TechCrunch Sept 2013           TechCrunch May 2014

PSFK MAY 2014                  Uncrunched May 2014           Silicon Slopes May 2014

11 months since launch, Studio's gained the following traction:

- 1 billion+ social impressions

- 32 million connections to collaborate

- 15 million designs

- 3 million community members

-Design collaborations with national brands- Nissan USA, Madonna, WhoWhatWear, Skintimate and many more.


Design traditionally requires expensive tools and extensive training. This has kept the masses from engaging in the design process. Technology has made design more accessible than ever. But the time involved in learning things like typography, color theory and composition is enough for most people to feel like designing isn’t something they can do. Buying Adobe software doesn't make you a designer, nor address the mobile first world we live in.


Studio addresses these issues by giving users a new way to create - remixing. Regardless of skill or artistic aptitude, anyone can tap into Studio's living network or 15+ million designs and remix those designs with their own content. We see incredible value in empowering the average person to design and share meaningful visuals on the go. Our cloud-based design creation process will replace the need for cumbersome traditional design software. Major national brands, including Nissan USA, Skintimate, WhoWhatWear, Madonna and others are already utilizing Studio as a way to inspire creative dialog among their followers.

Studio is full of inspiration, we don't start you from a blank canvas, and we provide a mobile, shareable platform for new age design. Browse artwork and remix any post you see to make it your own.

Check out what our CEO has to say, the REMIX REVOLUTION

Market Opportunity

The app has been a top 50 photo app in many countries across the world, and has been featured by Apple. Users have created 15 million+ designs since launch with over 1 billion+ impressions.  Design Software is a multi billion dollar opportunity, Ad Tech and Social Ad platforms are also multi billion dollar opportunity (10's and 100's of billiions).

Business Model

From TechCrunch: "Studio is a powerful form of user-generated content marrying advertising."

National brands are using social platforms to drive more user-generated content and cohesive branding.  Studio acts as a trojan horse for advertising into all social networks.  Brands pay Studio Design to create a design pack and drive social impressions for their brand across all major social networks.  Brands pay us to advertise custom design work on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest. 

Through design we help maintain the right branding for the brand, which can go viral through our remix feature.

Case Study attached in the Data Room.

Studio Design is Free.  Pro Accounts will be implemented for $5/yr. Brands pay us for custom content, downloads of each of their packs and social impressions and engagements across multiple social platforms.

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  • Investment Goal: $875,000
  • Pre-Money Valuation: $10,800,000
  • Location: United States Provo, United States
  • Days Left: Funded
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  • Accelerator/Incubator: BoomStartup