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Offering completed on October 28, 2014.

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* This private placement investment is only suitable for potential investors who are familiar with and willing to accept the high risk and illiquidity associated with private placement investments. Please review Terms of Use for full disclosures. Also, please review Mainframe offering documents for full detailed disclosures/risks before you make any investments.

High Concept Pitch

Mainframe is a communication platform built with the openness of email, the modernity of messaging, and the structure of productivity tools.

Executive Summary

About Mainfame

Mainfame is a communication protocol provides a modern user experience with a strong focus on structured content while also being backwards compatible with traditional email. This unique value proposition means that it can’t be singularly categorized in a single market segment but instead taps into different markets, specifically email, instant messaging (IM) and productivity/collaboration tools. In regards to email, Mainfame offers the same decentralization capabilities complemented by greater structure and a modern experience. Of instant messaging, offers the same simplicity and modern experience though without communication being relegated in closed silos. In terms of efficiency, through better task management, scheduling and general ordinary activities, Mainfame can greatly improve team productivity.


Current Co-investors and Supporters

Kickstart Seed Fund, TMT Investments, Star Power Partners, Kima Ventures, Faber InvestmentsHoxton Ventures (UK based)ff Sapphire Venture Capital Fund

Please see for more information about the company.


Messaging Focused on Productivity


Compose with Intent, Purpose and Context

Manage Your To-Do List Directly in the Inbox


Modern Messaging at Work


Mick Hagen – CEO 

Mick has an extensive track-record within entrepreneurship and of building successful companies within the digital communication space. Mick has been thinking about digital communication his entire life. In high school, Mick started on online community (BBS) where students from rival high schools could connect and engage. It was surprisingly popular (and profitable). When Mick left Princeton University to start Zinch, Mick went back to digital communication — Zinch enabled high school students to efficiently connect and communicate with college admissions officers. In 6 years Zinch was grown to 80 employees, $10 million yearly revenues and 75% of US universities used it’s solution. This resulted for the company being acquired for $45 million by Chegg,Inc. leading public company within the education space.


Ryan Johnson – CTO 

Ryan Johnson has an incredible background in technical and electronic engineering. He’s been working for various years leading the platform team of Zynga, world leading online gaming software company. During he’s time there he was responsible for writing and scaling globally the API that handled 5 billion requests per day.


Christian Giordano – Head of Product 

Christian Giordano is an Interaction Designer and Developer specialized in richly interactive User Interfaces. He started his career in the last millennium creating animated content for the Web and CD-roms and got instantly hooked by the creative power of programming. He has been exploring meaningful purposes for new technologies ever since. After a career as Creative Technologist in the most respected and forward thinking digital agencies in London, he got the rare opportunity to take advantage of his hybrid skill-set to improve the experience millions of people have every day with personal computers. He believes execution is crucial and that an innovative design process results in innovative products. To support his creative process, he adopts different prototyping techniques and built ad-hoc tools around them.


Luca Tavazzani – Business Development and Operations 

After graduating from a Masters in Management, Organizations and Governance from the London School of Economics, Luca Tavazzani has been extensively involved within the startup ecosystem. Whilst still at university he co-founded CITIMPACT, an innovative crowd-funding platform that allowed citizens to invest in local council projects. Despite the venture being recognized by the London School of Economics as one of the most innovative social enterprises startups in the last 5 years. Following his passion for startups, entrepreneurship and innovation, Luca Tavazzani worked as Associate at Techstars helping 11 incredibly talented companies who are seeking to change the technology landscape. Prior to this Luca Tavazzani graduated in Politics and International Relations


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Raised of $200,000

Quick Info

  • Investment Goal: $200,000
  • Pre-Money Valuation: $7,000,000
  • Security Type: Preferred Stock
  • Location: United Kingdom London, United Kingdom
  • Days Left: Funded
  • Industry: Technology
  • Website:
  • Accelerator/Incubator: Techstars London