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  • Purchasing a 6.42-acre site in Kerrville, Texas, building a 120-unit multi-family complex on the land, renting the units within 15 months and selling the property within 36 months.
    100% Funded
    $3,000,000 invested of $3,000,000 target
  • Purchasing an income-generating, 72 unit, multi-family property with 93% occupancy in Salt Lake City, Utah, upgrading and selling the property within 24 months. The capital enhancement plan doesn't require vacating the apartments. 
    100% Funded
    $2,060,000 invested of $2,060,000 target
  • Renovating, upgrading and selling an income-generating multi-family property comprised of 312 units in Irving, Texas.
    100% Funded
    $3,346,000 invested of $3,346,000 target
  • Essex County, New Jersey Upgrading, operating and selling two income-generating multi-family properties comprised of 157 units total in Essex County, New Jersey. 
    100% Funded
    $2,075,000 invested of $2,075,000 target
  • Xurpas buys 23.53% stake in Hong Kong-based Micro Benefits for $10,000,000
    100% Funded
    $240,000 invested of $240,000 target
  • A fast and innovative way to edit and add music to your videos.
    150% Funded
    $225,000 invested of $150,000 target
  • NimbleSchedule, a SAAS company, is a simple suite of cloud based applications that solve workforce optimization challenges for employers everywhere.  1 Billion user global market. Currently over $650,000 in annual recurring revenue and over 600+ paying customers (50,000 users) in 39 countries.
    100% Funded
    $225,000 invested of $225,000 target
  • Creating a novel platform technology proven to predict post surgical optimal treatment.
    106% Funded
    $530,000 invested of $500,000 target
  • Out of beta January 2014, $964k in sales since beta, and $810k in annual recurring revenue.
    102% Funded
    $255,000 invested of $250,000 target
    • Mainframe

    • United Kingdom London, United Kingdom
    • Industry: Technology
    Mainframe is a communication platform built with the openness of email, the modernity of messaging, and the structure of productivity tools.
    100% Funded
    $200,000 invested of $200,000 target



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