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Pebble Makes Crowdfunding History on Kickstarter

Pebble’s record breaking $16,500,000 (and counting) fundraising campaign on Kickstarter gives a glimpse of the potential for Equity Crowdfunding.   Title III of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act is potentially nearing the finish line by the end of 2015. It is estimated that final rules could be issued as early as October, 2015. These proposed […]

Venture Capitalist’s Predictions for 2015

Venture Capitalist, Sergio Monsalve, predicts 5 trends that will create a large stir in 2015. As companies continue their fast-paced scaling and innovation, below 5 industry trends that Sergio expects to see develop further in 2015. 1)   Watch out for software!  – 2014 saw a lot of mergers and acquisitions for hardware, but Sergio expects […]

Mayors Who Look to Improve Their City’s Startup Environment

What does it take to build a startup environment in your city? put out an article that discusses seven different mayors and the steps they have taken to increase incentives for local entrepreneurs. Most city leaders understand that more entrepreneurs and businesses brining in revenue to the city will be beneficial towards the city’s […]

Todd Crosland Launches Seed Equity Ventures

August 19, 2014 Todd Crosland announced the official launch of his new U.S. Registered Broker-dealer, Seed Equity Ventures. Seed Equity uses an equity-based crowdfunding platform to connect startup companies with venture capital from all over the globe. Venture capital is fairly limited on a global scale. The majority of venture capital is located in the […]

Venture Capital in the United States Accelerating Businesses

A recent article on Investor Place talks about how venture capital revolutionized business in the United States. The article goes on to discuss the history of venture capital. The beginnings of the practice are said to have started back in the 1970s where tech gurus like Tom Perkins and Don Valentine saw major advantages to […]