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Startup Quality and the Economy

It has long been thought that the number of entrepreneurial ventures in a society is what matters. This makes sense. The more small businesses that are formed in one place, the more jobs become available, and the more money is generated in said place. However, Jorge Guzman and Scott Stern, both of MIT, have found […]

Three Key Trends in Venture Capital to Look Out For In 2016

When we talk about growing businesses, we also talk about venture capital. Whether you’re raising money for your own startup or looking for options in which to invest, there are a number of venture capital trends coming up in 2016 that are worth recognizing. We are currently in the seventh year of the U.S. equity […]

Japan Rethinks Startups

The startup industry in Japan is struggling. The country is known for its large companies such as Toyota and Nintendo, but such large companies make it difficult for newly-formed companies to distinguish themselves. Younger people in Japan are more likely to take jobs at established firms, as they value having stable career paths and do […]

New SEC Rules Are Being Touted As The Reg A+ Bombshell – $50M Equity Crowding Funding Option

Big news out of the crowdfunding sector, as the SEC released rule changes to Title IV of the JOBS Act regarding businesses raising capital through Regulation A offerings. The new rules are being touted as the Reg A+ Bombshell. The $50M Equity Crowding Funding option. The Securities Act of 1933 requires businesses selling or offering […]

10 Highest Grossing Crowdfunding Campaigns

A couple of weeks ago Pebble smart watch launched the most successful crowdfunding campaigns in history, raising over $16.5 million in crowdfunding revenue.  Over 60,000 individuals backed the campaign, and the launch date is set for May of this year. This crowdfunding campaign beat the previous record holder, the Coolest Cooler that was able to […]