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Xurpas buys 23.53% stake in Hong Kong-based Micro Benefits for $10 Million

  Xurpas Inc. has acquired a 23.53 percent equity stake in Micro Benefits Limited for $10 million, involving 718,833 preferred shares. Seed Equity investors participated in Micro Benefits’ funding round last year. Based on the principle of fair market value of the shares, the transaction was priced at $13.921124 per share. Micro Benefits is a Hong […]

DemoChimp Rebrands as CONSENSUS, Expands With $4.2 Million Series A Round

DemoChimp, the leading provider of intelligent B2B demo automation software, announced that it has rebranded as CONSENSUS™. Seed Equity investors participated in DemoChimp’s funding round last year. This new company identity crystallizes the company’s strategy to provide automated stakeholder engagement and analytics tools to drive agreement among diverse internal buyers and close more sales more rapidly. […]

Bootstrapping for Young Startup Entrepreneurs

An article in Young Upstarts deliberates the developmental phase that every startup company goes through: taking the idea and implementing it into a real, tangible product that creates revenue. A lot of young entrepreneurs might turn to accelerator programs, venture capital, or angel investing. However, this leads to sacrificing equity and freedom at an early […]

NimbleSchedule – Scheduling Made Easy With Analytics

Check out this recent Small Business Retail article featuring NimbleSchedule, a company that successfully raised on Seed Equity, on their innovative analytic scheduling technology.  Scheduling Made Easy With Analytics – SMB Retail by Angela Diffly  Not An Easy Task Employee scheduling seems to be a tricky issue, both in practice and in policy. For instance, on-demand car service goliath Uber is […]

Tips for Entrepreneurs Pitching Seed Equity Ventures

As a firm, we reviewed about 600 submissions in 2015 and put up eight for funding on our international crowdfunding platform. In other words, we can be as selective as any venture funds in the country. Below I’ve covered some of our investment criteria so interested entrepreneurs can tune their submissions before sending them in. Proven Management. The […]