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Considering Investing in a Startup? Follow These Due Diligence Guidelines First

When considering investing in an early-stage company, there are many things to consider before deploying your capital. It’s important to complete due diligence to determine if the investment is right for your portfolio. These are a few of the facts we consider when determining a potential investment in a company.  Is there at least a […]

Raising Capital with Seed Equity: Our Investment Process

We receive dozens of applications for funding through our platform each month. We are also referred deals from VC firms, accelerators and our general industry network. We take each application into careful consideration and follow these steps in our investment process: First Contact: Getting introduced via a VC firm or accelerator is the most effective […]

Is a Regulation A+ Offering Right for Your Company?

Title IV of the JOBS Act, or Reg. A+, went into effect on June 15, 2015 allowing private companies to raise up to $50 Million from the general public, including non-accredited investors. Companies planning to raise capital via Reg. A+ will need to file with the SEC for approval before launching their offering. But, how […]

Startup Incubators – The Benefits, Downsides and How to Choose the Best One for Your Company

What exactly do startup incubators do?  Incubators provide a valuable service to the startup ecosystem. They provide a modest amount of capital to assist with a startups’ early operations, but more importantly they can help fine tune a business model and provide mentorship and expertise in many areas of the business. We have vetted over […]

Salt Lake City Startups Have Strong Ability to Harness Region’s Capital Base

According to a recent report by the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation, Salt Lake City’s ability to harness its capital base to drive startup success is sited as its most distinct advantage. Also noted in the report, is the growth of the EdTech industry and how it is quickly becoming the region’s strongest specialization. While this has not been a strength […]