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A First-Time Investor’s Guide to Investing in Startups

With the passing of Title III of the JOBS Act, a much larger percentage of the population is able to invest in startups through Regulation Crowdfunding. However, there are a lot of factors to take into account when determining whether or not you should make an investment in an early-stage company. Before deploying your capital, […]

Five Attributes to Look for in A Startup Founder

Passion When an entrepreneur is pitching you his or her business, their passion for the venture should be apparent from the time they open their mouth. They need to be fully committed to the mission and exemplify that they will do whatever it takes to see it succeed. Experience Has the founder started a company […]

Tips on Achieving Entrepreneurial Success

Succeeding as an entrepreneur is a monumental challenge. It takes hard work, passion and patience. Below are a few lessons I’ve learned throughout the process of launching and growing two companies.  Trust your instincts. It’s imperative to trust your instincts. Becoming a successful entrepreneur means taking a leap of faith and trusting that if you work […]

Investment Criteria: Tips on Pitching Your Startup to the Seed Equity Team

In 2015, we reviewed over 600 pitches from startups and launched eight of those on our platform for funding. Here are some tips to help your pitch meet our investment criteria.  Proven Management We look closely at the management team, in particular for solid founders who have a proven track record of building a successful […]

Investing in Startups: The Process on the Seed Equity Platform

Registering as an Investor We currently only have offerings listed for accredited investors (individuals with a net worth, excluding their primary residences, of at least $1 million or consistent personal annual incomes of at least $200,000). However, non-accredited investors are now able to register on our platform for access to Regulation CF deals, which we […]